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10 Ways to Maintain Your Houston Network Cabling

Posted by Scott Resnick on Thu, Dec 18, 2014

houston network cabling You may think your Houston network cabling is an afterthought, but a spaghetti bowl of tangled cables can bring down your data center. Resolve issues like this and other big problems by using these 10 data center tips:

1. Label or Else!

Make less work for yourself in the long run by labeling your cables in a consistent manner. Making it up as you go will only lead to confusion. And avoid the unnecessary mess of not knowing where your patch cables go by labeling both ends.

2. Don’t Lose Your Connection

You can easily lose your connection if you opt for cheap terminations. All it takes is a little wiggle and you’re done! And don’t be in a hurry to terminate cables. Take your time and do it properly. Buy quality terminations and save in the long run.

3. Avoid the Rainbow

An effective data center does not look like a rainbow. Cable runs and patch cables should be in a single color. Breaking this rule requires a specific purpose and therefore a specific color. Keep that choice consistent and troubleshooting issues becomes a breeze. It is also makes following cable runs much easier!

4. Get Rid of Leaches

Power lines can cause interference with your Cat5 and leach signal. The simple solution is to separate your power and Cat5 lines. Avoid signal leach at all costs by simply separating power and network lines.

5. Cool Down or Burn Out

Heat can lead to disaster and not only for your servers. Your network cables can get hot as well. A large amount of cable will increasingly add to the temperature. Your data center needs to be designed to keep both your servers and networking runs cool.

6. Waste Not Want Not

If you are not properly measuring cable lengths then you are throwing away money and creating the hideous problem of a tangled mess. A foot or two of wasted cable may not seem like much but over time it adds up. So follow the old saying: measure twice, cut once.

7. Test or Fail in the Long Term

If you create a cable, test it!  Know how to use your tester and be certain to use a quality tester. “Star Pass” tests are unreliable. Why would you be satisfied with something that barely passes? It either passes 100% or you redo the cable. If you’ve tried a few terminations and it still doesn’t pass, trash the cable.

8. Short, Sweet, and To The Point

Slapping together two or three foot patch cables on servers in a rack a foot apart looks unprofessional at best. Even more serious, it’s horribly inefficient. Extra cable length results in added confusion, tangled cables and costly kinks. Your patch cables should be the perfect length. So brush up on your terminating and testing skills.

9. Go Big or Go Home

Size matters, especially for conduits. You absolutely must purchase conduit with an eye to the future. A conduit that only fits your present needs doesn’t allow you to add on or make use of an already existing conduit run. Buying larger today keeps you from spending more money tomorrow.

10. IT and Interior Design

The last, but not least, Houston network cabling tip is to plan your data center! This may be the most essential of the ten points. Data centers must be cable friendly. Rack location is essential to your cable run efficiency. If you want to avoid the potential disasters that come with cables tossed on floors and hanging from ceilings then you need to plan. Plan with expansion in mind.

Dealing with cabling is easy if you do it right the first time. Maintaining your Houston network cabling doesn’t need to be an arduous chore. With these simple 10 tips you can eliminate most problems before they even start! Planning and testing are two preventative measures that can take you a long way.

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