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7 Ways Switching to VoIP Technology Instantly Creates More Value

Posted by Scott Resnick on Tue, Jan 22, 2013

describe the imageIn the same way that rotary telephones are a thing of our ancient past, traditional landlines will soon be rendered obsolete - is your business prepared to make the switch to VoIP telephony? With so many Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers available, it can be challenging to know which provide the best user experience and overall benefits to you. Fortunately, the NEC VoIP phone system (specifically, the SV8100 system) is tailor-fitted to the needs of small to medium business enterprises and can make you more competitive with large-scale operations.

7 Benefits of the NEC VoIP Phone System - SV8100

1. Cost Savings - The most attractive benefit to employing an NEC VoIP phone system is the potential for significant cost-reduction. Transitioning away from public switched phone networks means that the expense of long-distance phone calls significantly goes down. This is because VoIP allows voice traffic to travel via internet and/or private data network lines which is far more efficient and cost-effective. In addition to cheaper calls, VoIP can also cut down equipment, manpower, and maintenance costs as business voice and data traffic are able to be integrated into a singular physical network that is easier to setup and maintain.

2. Scalability - For SMBs, the potential for growth is of utmost importance. A higher volume of incoming or outgoing calls due to the forward motion of your company should not become an expensive burden, and additional extensions for new-hires should not break your bank account. The NEC VoIP phone system is fully scalable so that your communications needs are met not only for now, but well into the future.

3. Appointment Reminders - Missed appointments or deadlines lead to lost revenue and a lack of efficiency. The SV8100 Appointment Reminder helps to significantly reduce this problem by allowing you to automatically provide valuable reminders to your clients. The reminder feature will not only send a message to your customers regarding upcoming appointments or due dates, but will offer them the option to confirm, cancel, or speak with a representative. 

4. Mass Messaging - When you need to get an important message out to all of your clients, the SV8100 Broadcast Messaging function of the NEC VoIP phone system makes the task easy. Whether you're a school that needs to send out closure or emergency notifications or a retailer who needs to broadcast a special promotion, you'll enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of the feature.

5. Mobile Extensions - Customers have high expectations and when staff aren't available or are difficult to reach, they become dissatisfied. The NEC VoIP phone system solves this by offering Mobile Extension - a feature which allows your mobile device to function exactly as your office line so that your customers never know that you weren't at your desk and so that you can easily access all of your messages.

6. Conferencing - Hosting phone conferences or webinars has never been easier. With an NEC VoIP phone system you can "meet" with between 2-16 parties in a fully password-protected and organized conference. With the ability to interface with the internet, you can even administer your conference online and host your own webinar without the added costs of software applications. 

7. Call Distribution - When you can't afford a central receptionist, the SV8100 automated call distribution feature is the ideal solution. This smart application is able to route incoming calls to the representative that best fits their needs, based upon pre-established criteria. The system can even judge the workload of each agent in order to provide the fastest service to customers.

Make the switch and see what an NEC VoIP phone system can do for you!

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