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The Importance of Emergency Notification Systems in the Workplace

Posted by Scott Resnick on Mon, Oct 28, 2013

business hone systems emergency notificationCommunicating with many people at one time can be incredibly challenging. Add the panic that can follow an emergency situation and you’re likely to reach only a fraction. Sadly, it is in these moments that communication requires flawless function.

Having a reliable business communications system could be the difference between life and death so the more individuals that can be reached, the better the odds that they can be kept out of harms way. One way companies are combating this communication gap is with the installation of NEC emergency notification systems. The importance of NEC emergency notification systems in the workplace cannot be stressed enough – but we’ll try with these supporting points.

Covers Ant Emergency

The terrifying truth about today’s workplace is that anything can happen. You’ve likely watched the news and seen everything from major fires or armed intruders to structural collapse and even terrorism. With each horrific event the victims tend to say the same thing, “we didn’t see it coming.” It is for this reason that an NEC emergency notification system is imperative to your workplace disaster plan of action. The mass notification system can be deployed immediately, regardless of the type of emergency situation.

Creates a Centralized Command Center

During an emergency scenario, panic can lead to chaos within a matter of minutes. NEC emergency notification systems create a centralized command center that brings order back to distressed environments. From this command center, you can notify every individual in the company database simultaneously or within a specific time frame and take back control of a panicked situation.

Communicate With a Variety of Devices at Once

The beauty of NEC emergency notification systems is that they bring simplification to scenarios that are anything but straightforward. And that’s the point! The NEC mass communication system was designed to create less stress for your workplace by efficiently alerting every contact in the company database via pager, home phone, office phone, cell phone, SMS text message and email. This outreach takes place within seconds of initiation and hits every possible avenue for communication so that, no matter where your employees are or what their preferred means of contact, they can be reached.

Complete Integration

With the NEC Digital Signage Solution, emergency alerts are fully integrated into the system for immediate and automatic display across the board. It’s just another instant way to broadcast what is likely one of the most important messages your employees will receive.

Notification to First Responders

Sometimes, the speed by which a first response unit can arrive on the scene of an emergency situation has everything to do with how well or poorly a horrific event will play out. The faster trained support arrives, the better the odds. NEC emergency notification systems instantly alert the local authorities, significantly cutting response times so that professionally trained emergency experts can begin to evaluate and resolve situations fast.

When it comes to the safety and well being of your employees, there is no room for error. Be prepared for anything with NEC emergency notification systems. Send immediate alerts to every single employee and building contact, provide instant notification to local authorities and rest assured that with the help of a Houston NEC mass communication system, your workplace is doing everything it can to keep people safe even under the most extreme circumstances.

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