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The Latest in Cloud Network News for February 2018

Posted by Scott Resnick on Mon, Feb 19, 2018

February was a big month for cloud computing news. Not exactly surprising given how fast the tech world is moving — isn't every month filled with revolutionary changes, announcements, and progress toward the future? As we look toward March and the rest of 2018, we've rounded up the top headlines from February to share with you. 


New Predictions for the Future of Cloud Computing

February saw numerous timeline-related predictions about the cloud industry. Cisco announced that 94 percent of workplaces would be cloud-based by 2021, an occurrence that may happen even sooner, considering the world's current levels of technological acceleration. The Next Web also hedged their bets on 2020 and the developments we could expect for the Internet of Things, blockchain, and quantum computing. Meanwhile, Forbes sifted through Glassdoor's company listings to find 2018's top cloud computing business to work for. Their list was built around whether current employees would recommend their place of work — and the results were fascinating, to say the least.

The Empowering "Women in Cloud" Summit Meeting

Though it occurred in late January, the tech universe is still buzzing about the Women in Cloud summit. The first of its kind, this important meeting took place at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and drew 400 excited attendees. The summit explored the lack of women creating tech startups and offered initiatives, such as a cloud accelerator program, to encourage female entrepreneurs to turn toward the cloud. These initiatives were paired with measures to ensure the necessary mentorship and support to succeed. While people of all genders were invited to attend the January 20 Women in Cloud summit, women comprised the majority of its attendees.

Walmart and Amazon Take Their Showdown to the Cloud

Throughout the past decade or two, Amazon and Walmart have been grappling for retail dominance. In February 2018, we found out their struggle ended up somewhere surprising — the cloud! To bring 80 percent of their cloud network on-site, Walmart is now the proud owner of 75 micro clouds and six massive data centers. Each data center is bigger in size than 10 football fields. Retail Touch Points broke down these impressive numbers for their readers and analyzed what these technological strides could mean for the Walmart vs. Amazon standoff.

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