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Make the Switch to Cloud Communications

Posted by Scott Resnick on Thu, Dec 29, 2016

These days, it seems that everyone is talking about how great the "cloud" is. After all, the cloud can help connect your employees over a range of devices, anytime, anywhere. But what is cloud-based communications exactly, and why should you consider cloud-based communications for your business? Here, we will explore the top five reasons why your business should think about switching to cloud communications this year.


1. Predictable monthly costs

Want to pay for what you use, and to save on what you don't? Cloud-based communication services utilize a phone system hosted over the Internet, eliminating the need to install costly phone systems. If your business is scaling upwards or downwards, the cloud scales with you to accommodate all your business needs. Because the cloud is internet-based, you’ll also have access to new features without having to install any additional hardware.

2. Increased productivity

The cloud can be accessed by any device, meaning that your employees will be able to communicate from their laptops, phones, and computers from any location with Internet, at any time. Staff will spend less time trying to access communication and more time, well, communicating. The cloud is especially helpful for remote staff, employees working from home, and frequent travelers.

3. Receive updates, instantly

Outsourcing your communication to a service means that you'll receive automatic software updates. Never worry about if equipment is out-of-date or spend money replacing costly hardware. Not to mention that you'll save in the long term by using a remote service guaranteed to evolve with your business.

4. Simplified communication

Cloud-based interfaces are easy-to-use. Employees can communicate anytime and anywhere on a single platform. Unlike traditional landlines, cloud-based communication allows for employees to connect from anywhere, without the hassle. The cloud can help with all your voice, chat, data, applications and other technological business needs.

5. Reliable service

Not only will switching to a hosted communication service to manage your service off-site free up your internal IT talent, it will also bring you the convenience of reliable service. TTI Houston offers 24/7 monitored support and over 29 years’ experience as one of the largest business phone system providers in America. TTI’s M3S Cloud offers high-quality, reliable cloud-based solutions with modern features, enterprise capabilities, intuitive user interface, leading application integration, call reporting and trunk usage with graphs, Call Center automatic call distributor (ACD), Call Recording options, and more.  Not to mention that TTI Houston will facilitate the switch and help your team throughout the process.

Ultimately, the decision to switch to a cloud-based system depends on your unique business needs. If you are interested in exploring cloud communications services, call us at 713-322-4097, or contact us here.

Ask us about switching to cloud-hosted services!

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