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When Powers Combine: NEC Meeting Center Collaboration

Posted by Scott Resnick on Thu, Mar 24, 2016

Wondering why everybody’s talking about NEC Meeting Center? It’s simple: Sometimes, emailing and texting just can’t replace face-­to-­face contact. Whether it’s conducting employee training, brainstorming with colleagues, or presenting your team’s hard work to a customer, some things just work better in person. TTI_-_Blog_-_When_powers_combine.pngOn the other hand, travel costs can quickly eat into your profit margin. All of that travel doesn’t do much for employee morale, either. So a lot of businesses try to cobble together a patchwork of fixes only to wind up less than satisfied (not to mention saddled with recurrent monthly fees). That’s why there’s been so much buzz lately about NEC’s Meeting Center (NMC), which addresses all of those pain points and then some. If you still aren’t quite sure what it is or what it could do for you, here’s what you need to know. 


NEC Meeting Center is a premise-­based communication and collaboration suite that is compatible with any of NEC’s SV series communication platforms. It has a lot of features, but they all fall primarily into three categories: audio conferencing, web collaboration, and mass notification. See our blog on how this made all the difference for a car dealership

Audio conferencing

NMC’s audio conferencing capabilities allow employees, customers, and prospects to communicate easily and securely. It’s a robust system that has enough customizable options to fit almost any need:

  • Conferences can be set up either as dial-­in or dial out.
  • Conferences can be either scheduled or ad-­hoc.
  • Dial-­in conferences can be set up securely, with participants needing both an access code and a PIN to join.
  • For dial-­out conferences, moderators can create a custom caller ID (“Client X Brainstorming Session,” for example).
  • Scheduled conferences can be synced with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar function.
  • Moderators can choose to have the conference call (or any part of it) recorded.
  • When the conference call is over, moderators get a summary that includes a record of who participated.

As strong as the conferencing feature is, it becomes even more powerful when combined with the web collaboration feature.

Web collaboration

With the web collaboration portal, employees, customers, and prospective customers can collaborate as easily as if they were sitting in the same room. Participants in different locations can look at the same website, document, or presentation, making changes as needed in real-­time. And no one has to hop on a plane or fight rush hour traffic when the work is done. 

  • The application is web­-based, which means that anyone can participate – no additional software needed. And it doesn’t incur the monthly fees that most hosted options do.
  • It runs behind a private data network for maximum security.
  • In addition to viewing shared web pages and documents, users can easily share their desktops, making this feature ideal for many customer service uses.

Mass notification

The mass notification feature lets you communicate easily and instantly with any number of contacts. It’s perfect for making important announcements, sending reminders, and broadcasting information on emergency situations and company or industry news.

  • The sender can choose to send the notification through voice, email, SMS messaging, or some combination of those three. For voice messaging, the application can dial up to four phone numbers for each employee.
  • In addition to ad-­hoc messages, pre-­recorded messages can be sent to specific groups -- a “winter weather” message, for example, that lets employees know whether they should come to work or stay home.
  • System­-generated reports highlight employees who were unable to be reached.
  • The sender can customize the caller ID field to reflect the message’s content – “Security Alert,” for example.

Back when Ma Bell was running the telecommunications industry, the company’s tagline was “The Next Best Thing to Being There.” NEC Meeting Center is even better than being there. Contact TTI Houston today for more information.

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