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Why Phone Calls Still Matter for Today's Businesses

Posted by Scott Resnick on Thu, Aug 24, 2017

In 2017, the majority of businesses are focusing on social media for building relationships with customers. They spend thousands of dollars on marketing experts, who create the most dynamic websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts for them. Instead of a phone hotline on their "Contact Us" pages, you'll find an email address, a forum to fill-in, or an in-website chat messenger. There isn't a phone number to be found!

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Well, we're here to tell you that these companies should revise their thinking and consider implementing phone calls back into their strategy. It's time to remember why phone calls still matter in today's business sphere and how to balance an online presence with one accessible by telecommunications, too. We'll share with you the top three reasons below:

1. Build a personal connection

Customers want to feel like you care about them. Text-based communications often seem impersonal, even with the best of intentions. Plus, there's lots of room for misunderstanding. For instance, tone can easily be lost. If a customer is confused or upset, a calm, empathetic voice on the phone is often enough to soothe their worries. Even when a client contacts you over email, don't hesitate to call them. It shows that your company is willing to go that extra mile to serve them better.

2. Deliver the best customer service

It's not enough to have a "Contact Us" forum on your website, which customers have to fill out to get information, support, and other customer services. Your loyal clientele deserves an immediate response from you. Having a well-managed hotline that they can call is the first step in delivering top-rated customer service. It's a lot easier to offer feedback and answer questions over the phone, as opposed to trying to explain complex information over emails or in-website chat. In the long run, using the phone saves time for everyone involved.

3. Surpass your competitors 

Many of your competitors are forgetting the value of phoning customers and relying solely upon online tools. Instead, they're hiding behind social media and only providing support over text-based venues. A successful company is one that builds human connections with its clients by embracing both methods: phone and the web. No matter how strong your online presence is, it is key to remain accessible by phone. After all, you're a group of people who genuinely care about other people, right? Prove it! Sales are often based as much on emotion, as they are in logic. If your clients like your company and what you stand for, they will buy from you. It's human nature.

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