Houston Fiber Optic Cabling 

If there were a Cadillac of cabling, fiber optic cabling would be the Rolls Royce. Using light pulses to transfer data through glass, fiber optic cabling is the fastest, most reliable, and secure data cabling system available.

Compared to Cat 3, 5e, and 6 cabling, fiber optic cable offers the greatest resistance to electromagnetic noise — thereby enhancing signal flow and data transmission consistency. There is essentially zero loss in signals with fiber optic cable.

When looking at speed, fiber optic cabling is traveling via light and therefore much faster than its copper based competitors. Data transfer rates of 50 THz or higher can be seen with fiber optics as well as over 1Gbps in data rates. Telephone calls can be numbered in the tens of thousands, essentially eliminating the need to ever have to upgrade your cabling system again.

Other advantages and features of fiber optic cabling in Houston with Tier Technologies:

  • Enhanced security features by eliminating the capability for wiretapping
  • Fastest speeds and data capacities available
  • Capability to travel over longer distances and at higher transfer rates without additional equipment or installations (Up to 550 meters)

Planning for the future of the data highway is best served by utilizing fiber optic cabling in your place of business. If scalability, reliability and ultra-fast speeds are of importance to you, fiber optics may be the best choice. Contact Tier Technologies today to discuss the best solution for your office fiber optic cabling in Houston.

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