Voice Cabling in Houston, TX

Category 3 (Cat 3) Cabling 

Cat 3 cabling transmits data up to 10 Mbps at 16Mhz. Typically used dually for 10Mb LAN and additional phone lines, Cat 3 cabling is still one of the most common forms of twisted wire cables in a small office environment.

Cat 3 cable is what is commonly referred to as UTP cable, or unshielded twisted pair cable. Forming a twisted pair, two insulated copper wires are twisted around each other effectively reducing crosstalk between pairs of wires. Cat 5e cable looks identical to Cat 3, the difference being Cat 5e is capable of 100MHz signal vs the 16Mhz in Cat 3.

Advantages of utilizing Cat 3 cabling include:

  • Low cost cabling and installation, combining voice and network cabling into one
  • Low cost 6 conductor USOC jacks and RJ11 jacks
  • Wide industry acceptance
  • Connection to one central hub for minimal downtime of entire network

Two-line telephone systems and Ethernet 10BASE-T can still effectively use Cat 3 cabling today.

If your needs are simply for a two-line telephone system and Ethernet 10BASE-T networking system, Cat 3 cabling is most likely the best option for you. Contact Tier Technologies today to discuss the best solution for your office voice cabling in Houston.

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