Houston NEC Contact Center Solutions

Business contact centers are responsible for processing a copious amount of information via numerous mediums ranging from phone calls and faxes to emails and website chat modules. An NEC solution, custom designed and implemented by Tier Technologies for your specific collaboration needs provides your workforce with the tools required to quickly access and manage the abundance of information traversing your contact center.  

UC Desktop 

Simplifies and enhances call management with functions that includes:  

1. Presence and Availability 

Helps identify which employees are available at any given time. to Minimizes time spent looking for staff members and eliminates calls routing to dead ends.  Enables staff to update status even while away from the office.   From a web browser on a PC or mobile device, mobile users can view and set presence status and call forwarding options.

2. Group Messaging 

Provides ability to send personalized messages to another user’s PC or display telephone.  Messages will display even while a user is on a call.  

3. CRM Integration

Enables employees to leverage information that lives within applications like Outlook, Goldmine, ACT! And other 3rd Party applications as calls are received.

Appointment Reminder

For automated phone call reminders and messages.  Provides customers with options to confirm, cancel or speak with a customer service representative regarding appointments or receive important information about a promotional event, emergency situation or advertisement. 

New Call to action

NEC Meeting Center with Mass Notification

NEC Meeting Center creates a centralized command center for organizing and conducting training sessions while the Mass Notification option quickly alerts contact center staff of time sensitive information.

An NEC contact center solution implemented by Tier Technologies can be designed to automate responsibilities like appointment confirmations to reduce missed appointments or late cancellations.  Further we can help you reduce your cost of training and we have not forgotten how important it is to provide prompt and concise information about call management.  Finally, quick information about incoming calls combined with a comprehensive understanding of colleague availability helps to streamline daily correspondence and provide an unmatched level of customer service.