NEC Meeting Center Collaboration

For a superior collaboration solution that provides easy information sharing between customers and colleagues, there is NEC Meeting Center (NMC). This innovative solution merges the three main communication avenues together to form a superior, all-in-one suite of tools that work on any of NEC’s SV series communication platforms.  Securely connect with customers and colleagues anywhere, anytime with NMC collaboration options: 

  • Advanced Audio Conferencing     

  • Web & Video Collaboration    

  • Mass Notification

The NMC Advanced Audio Conferencing and Web & Video Collaboration options enable meetings, presentations and training seminars with remote customers and colleagues without incurring the cost and time of travel. For efficient emergency outreach, initialize the Mass Notification option, which quickly sends messages via single or combined voice, email and SMS messaging to specific groups of any size.

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The many benefits of Meeting Center include:

  • Enhanced teamwork

  • Elimination of geographic barriers

  • Real-time sharing of information between customers and colleagues

  • Reduced travel

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

  • No monthly recurring charges

Bolster cooperation between parties in your Houston enterprise through features like: Meet-Me audio and Dial-Out Firebar conferencing, which support spontaneous conferencing between unlimited callout groups and can be triggered by your selection of incoming calls, website clicks or prescheduled notifications.

Achieve a higher level of communication with web and video integration.  Each function can operate independently as well as collaboratively with features that include:

  • Microsoft Office, Outlook and iCalendar compatibility

  • Secure access management

  • Internet portal with realtime view of audio conference participants

  • Display loudest speaker and auto mute function that override participant background noise or excessive echoing

  • Internet and private data line traversal

Save on the recurring costs of network hosting fees and ensure privacy.

With web, video and voice working together, it is now possible to push important or time sensitive information out to your team fast and securely. Meet on the fly, schedule in advance, control access and merge with other call groups to form larger conference gatherings without the risk of a dropped call. Users can even choose to record conferences and review end-of-conference summaries.

It’s all achievable with a single solution - NEC’s Meeting Center.