NEC Unified Messaging

In today's highly competitive business environment, effective communication is critical to the success of your business. The more efficiently your business handles its communications, the greater your organization's chance for success. The consequences of slow message returns, and misunderstood or lost messages could mean a loss of business. 

The right voice mail solution can improve communications and customer experience. NEC Voice Mail and Messaging solutions deliver superior performance, scalability, and reliability to enhance your telecommunications systems. A wide range of features including contact center solutions, assures that an effective and economic solution is available for businesses of all sizes. 

User Benefits include:
  • Employees connect directly to their voice mail to retrieve messages instead of being routed to a main voice mail greeting first. 

  • Organize and share information with messages being captured live and archived for future reference or forwarded to another mailbox. 

  • Unified messaging allows users to manage their voice and email messages from a single interface – any time and in any location. 

The NEC systems are feature-rich business communications' solutions that empower employees to streamline workloads and share information. 

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The versatile NEC messaging systems provide unique applications for collaboration that are flexible as well as reliable for all your messaging needs both now and in the future. With a wealth of options that help staff be more productive no matter where they happen to be working, NEC's Unified Messaging solutions speed communication. 

Key benefits derived from NEC’s Unified Messaging and Voice Mail solutions include:
  • Quick access to voice mail – Employees connect directly to voice mail without encountering  a main voice-mail greeting.

  • Flexibility -- Employees can capture messages live, archive them for future access and forward them to another mailbox

  • Users can access and manage their messages on a variety of devices.